JobNimbus Isn't Loading, or Loading Slowly. What can I Do?

Is your screen stuck loading or your account doesn't appear to be displaying content like you'd expect? Try these troubleshooting steps

Web troubleshooting:

  • Refresh the browser
  • Log out of/back into JobNimbus
  • Close all browser tabs and then reopen a new window
  • Check for available browser updates
  • Steps on how to check for Chrome updates can be found here
  • Test in a different browser
  • If not already using, Google Chrome is recommended
  • Clear cache
  • Click here for Google Chrome-specific steps. Be sure to set the time range to all time.
  • Restart your computer
Additionally, you can check the strength of your internet connectivity here.

If you've completed All of the web troubleshooting steps, but the issue persists here are some additional things to check for:

  • Open an incognito tab and login to JobNimbus. If JobNimbus loads as expected in incognito, we can verify that the issue originates with your browser. 
    • Click to manage your extensions and try toggling them off one at a time, checking to see if JobNimbus successfully loads with extensions disabled. 

In the past, we've encountered problems with Ad Blocking and Anti-Virus extensions. To troubleshoot the issue, we suggest disabling these extensions temporarily to see if they are the root cause.

    • If you are using a VPN or Firewall, likewise try disabling them temporarily to see if they contribute to JobNimbus experiencing issues loading.
At JobNimbus, resolving loading issues is a top priority for us, and we take them seriously. If you encounter any problems with JobNimbus loading, our Support Team is available and eager to assist you in troubleshooting. Don't hesitate to contact JobNimbus Support for further assistance.
 Phone - (855) 964-6287