Account Set-Up

JobNimbus Payments Form Frequently Asked Questions

Questions may come up when filling out the JobNimbus Payments form and we want to make sure you have the information you need.

Why do I need to provide my SS# and my business’s tax ID/EIN?

  • As part of our risk review to create your merchant account, we want to know your business and you! By requiring both Business and Owner information, we can get your merchant account created quickly, and can keep our rates low!

What if I don’t have a SS#? I have an ITIN.

  • We can still get you signed up for JobNimbus Payments. You will need to provide your ITIN documentation. You can upload this while in the form, or email it to our team.  ( 

What is the “Description for your Bank Statement” field?

  • This is what you want deposits into your bank account to have as a descriptor

What is the “What does your business process payments for and how are goods sold?” for?

  • A general description of what your business is and how you sell your services

Account Login - What’s this for?

  • This is the login for your JobNimbus Payments Portal. A link to the portal can be found in your payment settings!

What’s the difference between linking my bank account with Plaid and entering it in manually?

  • When you link with Plaid’s secure platform, it helps us speed up your onboarding time, and removes the need for additional information like a voided check. If you link your account manually, we’ll most likely need a voided check so we can confirm we’re sending your money to the correct account!

What are the “Annual Transaction Volume” and “Average Transaction Amount” fields?

  • These refer to the amount in credit card transactions that the merchant has processed. The “Annual Transaction Volume” field is looking at how much money the merchant has processed on credit cards in the last 12 months. “Average Transaction Amount” is the average amount per transaction of those transactions.

I’ve completed the application, now what? How long does it take to be able to take payments?

  • Generally, 70-80% of the people that apply for JobNimbus Payments should be able to process payments within a few hours. However, there are instances where additional documentation will be required to finish setting up your processing account. In this situation, your account executive who went through the form with you, or a member of our FinTech team will reach out to gather that information, and will keep you informed of any next steps!

What additional information could be needed if I’m not automatically approved?

  • Voided checks to confirm the bank account, Business Registrations or SS4 forms to confirm the legal business name and EIN number, and sometimes photos of identification or documents to confirm the business address.

My customer is getting an error that the transaction was declined and states that it exceeds the approval amount

    • This is because the customer's bank hasn't authorized an amount that large. The customer will need to contact their bank to get the amount authorized and then they can pay again.

To learn more about using JobNimbus Payments, feel free to take this course