Mobile 2: Loading Screens


When logging into the app for the first time or updating, you may experience one of two "loading" screens: "Standby for Productivity" and "Rebuilding Database." Here’s what to expect from each, along with how to troubleshoot possible issues.

The “Standby for Productivity” State:

When you first log in to the mobile app, you’ll see this initial sync phase, which gets things started. The horizontal green line updates every few seconds to show how much of the data sync is complete.

How long will it take? 

This varies based on your device, data connection (WiFi or cellular wireless data), and the amount of syncing data. That last bit comes down to your user access level. For example, if you’re a sales rep with a limited access profile, your app may sync in a few seconds. However, if you’re an admin or manager, your profile may have many records to sync, so your profile may take longer than five to ten minutes.

Either way, it shouldn’t take too long.

Please note that this Standby for Productivity screen will only appear when the app detects that the initial sync did not complete. Also, if the sync progress stalls for a while, this is usually caused by data with a long edit history, which means the sync is rolling through the changes to get to the latest copy.


  • If there is no progress for several minutes and the progress slider appears frozen, close the app and relaunch it. This will not corrupt the syncing data. 
  • If the app has remained open with a stable internet connection for at least 30 minutes without any progress even after you have restarted the app, please contact Support via email or phone.

The “Rebuilding Database” State

The "Rebuilding Database" screen pops up when a user's database on the server resets. This reset occurs when a user’s permissions change, like when a Salesperson with a limited access profile gets promoted to Sales Manager with admin or full-access profile, or the other way around. 

The estimated time for such sync to complete depends on what change occurred and how many files are involved. If your permissions are decreasing (Sales Manager to Salesperson), the sync should only take a few minutes. However, if your permissions are expanding (Salesperson to Sales Manager), the sync may take 30+ minutes.

In either case, because the change is happening within the JobNimbus Cloud (our servers), the only thing you’ll need to do is wait for the process to complete before you can log in to the mobile app. 

Still having problems?

  • If you have waited a few hours and still can’t log in, please restart the app and try again. 
  • For an individual who is having login issues, you may try changing from one access profile and moving them back (in the web app).
  • For multiple users, you may also in Access Profiles in the web app select "Exclude system activity" which will force a database rebuild.
  • If you’re still unable to log in after restarting the app, please call or email Support for further troubleshooting and help. We’ll help figure it out!