Mobile Notifications

Mobile Notifications:

Mobile notifications will alert you to a task, contact or work order is assigned to you. It will pop up to notify you in the app or appear as a cloud on your phone on your device. Keep in mind you will need to make sure in Android and on iOS that you have notifications enabled for JobNimbus as a setting on your phone.

You can manage your notification settings by clicking the drop-down menu from your name, then you click on my info, from here you can scroll down to manage your notification settings and turn on or off what you want to be notified about.
If you are having an issue with notifications there are some things to check.
Three things to check:
1. Are you getting things assigned to you by someone else? It won't notify you if you assigned it to yourself.
2. Check your “My Info” to make sure you have Push notifications on or with Email selected.


3. Check your phone settings to make sure you allowed JobNimbus to send them notifications.