Password Reset Unable to Login

Password reset:
There are three ways you can reset your JobNimbus password. You can reset it on the website, the mobile app or have an admin in your account reset it. If you are unable to login, your account could also be inactive if an admin marked you as inactive.


To reset your password at 

1) Go to

  • Select "Forgot Your Password".
  • Make sure your entire email address is correctly typed.
  • Select reset.
  • Select in blue the "choose a new password" button in inbox of email

Reset successfully sent:


To reset your password on the mobile app:

1) Select on the App "forgot your password" 

  • Type in exact email address
  • Select reset 
  • Select the blue "choose a new password" button in inbox of email 
    Email inbox:




To reset your password through an admin:

1) Request an admin reset your password:

  • An Admin goes to settings
  • Team 
  • Ellipse (three dots)
  • Change password

Useful tips:
Make sure you are typing in your password correctly. Remember it is case sensitive, so an uppercase or lowercase letter will have to be exact. Never share your password. At JobNimbus support we never ask for your password or credit card information. Never offer this information it jeopardizes your security. All we need is your email login if you need help.