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Production Boards

Get the big picture on how all of your jobs are progressing by creating and using boards. Boards are like having a whiteboard with magnet cards for each of your jobs right inside JobNimbus. You can organize boards by types of jobs, trades & work orders, and separate them to see different pieces of your process. Drag and drop cards to move them between workflow statuses on your boards. 

The color circles at the bottom of each card on the board show the team members, crews, or sub-contractors assigned to do that job; these same colors are used on the production calendar. You can also see the date when the job is set to be completed so it’s easy to keep everything organized and on schedule.

You can even set up automation to have a notification sent or a task created when a status change happens. Boards can be color-coded to make it easy to see different parts of your process. You can also build a board that shows all your jobs together, giving you a full bird’s-eye view of where everything is at in your workflow and which steps in your process might require a little extra attention.