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QBD Error - "An Attempt Was Made To Delete an Invoice With a Date That Is on or Before the Closing Date of the Company."

Explanation: This error typically shows up when trying to edit an existing invoice and the QB books are closed for the period during which the invoice is dated; Invoices will not sync into a closed timeframe.

Full error: "An attempt was made to modify an Invoice with a date that is on or before the closing date of the company. If you are sure you really want to do this, please ask a user with Admin privileges to remove the password for editing transactions on or before the closing date (this setting is in the Accounting Company Preferences), then try again."

How to Fix:

There are three ways to resolve this issue - 

  1. Change the date of the invoice and then retry the sync.
    1. This has to be done within QuickBooks and will only work with a two-way sync.
  2. Remove or reset the closing date in QuickBooks
    1. In your QBD account, go to Edit > Preferences > Accounting > Company Preferences and click the Set Date/Password button.
    2. Remove the date from the "closing date" field or change it to a date that is before the transaction.
  3. Create a new invoice
    1. You can create a separate invoice for the supplement you may be trying to add to the original invoice
    2. You can also duplicate the original invoice in JobNimbus (through the 3 dots in the top right corner) and add any necessary changes to the new invoice. Then, delete the original invoice.
      1. This option would not be advised if a payment has already been applied to the invoice