QuickBooks Online

QBO Error - "This record contains the line item 'Product name', which is not found in Quickbooks."

Explanation: This means the product in JobNimbus has not synced to QuickBooks. All products and services used on a financial record have to be synced between JobNimbus and QuickBooks in order for the financial record to sync.

How to Fix:

  • In JobNimbus go to your Account Settings

  • Navigate to the Products and Services tab

  • In the drop-down by the search bar, choose “Both

  • Type the product that is not found to locate it 

  • If the product is “Hidden”, select the three dots to the right and choose Unhide so it can sync to QuickBooks

  • Once the product has synced, “retry” the invoice in the sync error report.

    • Once it syncs, you can hide the product again in JobNimbus if you don’t want it to be used in the future