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How Do I Configure My Workflows To Sync With QuickBooks for Customers and Jobs?

By checking the checkbox next to a status in your workflow, you determine what gets synced and when.


Learn how to configure your workflows to sync with QuickBooks for both customers and Jobs. The status that is checked is a trigger that will send the contact to Quickbooks. To prevent lost leads from ending up in QuickBooks, users typically do not send contacts in a ‘lead’ or ‘estimating’ status to QuickBooks. Often the ‘sold’ status is the first to trigger a QuickBooks sync to ensure that the contact is indeed a paying customer.

Where to find Quickbooks Workflow settings:

  • Click on your profile icon or initials in the top right corner

  • Select Settings from the dropdown menu

  • Navigate to either the Contact or Job Workflow tab

  • Hover over the ellipse ••• icon and click Edit

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 2.20.12 PM

To edit the ‘Send to QuickBooks’ box:

  •  Hover over the ellipse ••• icon again on the chosen status and click Edit

  • Check the box next to "Send to Quickbooks"
  • Save Status

QuickBooks - send status to QuickBooks

If you are using Jobs, you will want to verify the ‘Send to QuickBooks’ status of both Contact and Job workflows.

A job cannot sync to QuickBooks unless the Parent Contact has also synced to QuickBooks. All Jobs will have to be assigned a Parent Contact to sync to QuickBooks.