How can I retry the record sync for the JobNimbus - QuickBooks integration?

If your records did not sync due to an error, you can retry the sync after fixing the error to get your records to sync properly.

A record is a contact, job, estimate, invoice, credit memo or payment. If you find an error in your sync error report and you resolved it, often you need to select "retry" in the error log. This allows the program to re-recognize the changes that you have made. The record will then try to sync during the next sync cycle.

To locate the sync error report, go to:

  • Settings=>Quickbooks=>"Show Sync Errors"

To locate the error in a long list of errors:

  • Select Ctrl+f (PC) Command+F (Mac) on your keyboard to search for the error. (optional, you may search through the error log as well)

  • Type in the name or number of your record (optional)

  • Locate the record

  • Select "retry"

To complete a force sync:

**Please note** The sync error report will show the record as ‘retrying’ until the sync is run manually or runs on its regularly scheduled sync cycle.