SalesRabbit Integration

What is SalesRabbit?

SalesRabbit is a software tool for sales reps in the field that allows them to smartly and efficiently canvass an entire neighborhood, apartment building, or industrial complex. Using SalesRabbit's mobile app, users are able to qualify a lead by marking who's interested, who needs a follow-up, and leads that are interested.

What does the Integration do?

With the SalesRabbit + JobNimbus integration, once a lead has been "pinned" within the SalesRabbit mobile app, the information for that lead will be sent from SalesRabbit to JobNimbus. The user can then move the lead through their entire sales process within JobNimbus. Incoming leads from SalesRabbit are able to sync within JobNimbus with the status that is selected in SalesRabbit.

Integrating with SalesRabbit

Prior to setting up your SalesRabbit+JobNimbus integration, make sure to contact your SalesRabbit account manager or SalesRabbit Support ( or 801-418-9009) to confirm that the JobNimbus integration is enabled for your SalesRabbit account. Once you've confirmed that JobNimbus has been enabled, you can connect the integration using the steps below.

Part One: Preparing JobNimbus

In order for the integration between SalesRabbit and JobNimbus to work correctly, you will first need to make some changes to your JobNimbus contact workflows and identify what contact workflow name, contact statuses, lead source type, and task type that will be synced with JobNimbus. Additionally, you will need to create an API key in order for SalesRabbit to read and create data within your JobNimbus account, to do so, please follow the below instructions.

1. As a JobNimbus Admin, proceed to your Contact Workflows.

2. Identify the contact workflow that you would like your SalesRabbit leads to generate into and select the action menu (...) to the right of the workflow name. Note the name of the contact workflow that you've selected for later setup in SalesRabbit's settings.

3. Select Edit.

4. Seven lead statuses are able to be synced with JobNimbus:

  • Callback
  • Customer
  • Go Back
  • Not Home
  • Not Interested
  • Other
  • Data Grid

    In order for leads from SalesRabbit with any of these statuses to sync to JobNimbus, make sure that they are added to your contact workflow. If these statuses do not appear in your contact workflow, you can add them to your workflow by:

    a. Select + Add Status

b. Input a status name (copy and paste from the list above) , select the checkbox for "Is Lead", select Add Status.

Note: The spelling of the status name within JobNimbus should appear as above for leads from SalesRabbit to sync correctly into your JobNimbus contact workflow.

SalesRabbit - New Status

c. Repeat steps a and b for any remaining lead statuses that you desire to be synced from SalesRabbit to JobNimbus.

Pro Tip: Statuses can be reordered within the list by simply dragging and dropping the desired status name in your preferred order. To learn more about creating your workflows, read our article here.

SalesRabbit Workflow

5. Once all of your statuses are complete exit the window by selecting "x" and proceed to the Lead Source tab of your JobNimbus Settings.

6. Select + Add Lead Source.

7. Input a lead source name that will be used for SalesRabbit. In this example, we will use "Sales Rabbit". Select + Add Lead Source. Note the name of the lead source that you have selected for later setup in SalesRabbit's settings.

SalesRabbit - Lead Source

8. Go to the Task Type section of your JobNimbus settings. You will use one task type to sync tasks from SalesRabbit to JobNimbus. For this example, we will use "Appointment". Ensure to note this for later use in SalesRabbit's settings.

SalesRabbit - Task Type

9. Go to the API section of your JobNimbus Settings. Select New API Key. Within the "Description" drop-down, select "Sales Rabbit". Within the "Access Profile" drop-down, you will want to select an "Admin" access profile or a profile with access to your JobNimbus Settings, in order for the integration to function correctly. Select save.

SalesRabbit - API Key

Select copy to load the newly generated API key to the left of the "Sales Rabbit" description onto your device's clipboard.

Part 2: Enable the Integration within SalesRabbit

Now that we have prepared JobNimbus to sync with SalesRabbit, we simply need to finish a few turning things on in our SalesRabbit Settings.

  1. Login to the SalesRabbit website.

  2. From the left-hand navigation menu, select Integrations.
  3. Select 3rd Party.
  4. Within the "API Token" field, paste or type-in your API Key from your JobNimbus Settings (See Step 9 of the previous section for reference).
  5. Within the "Workflow Name" field, input the contact workflow name you selected (See Step 2 of the previous section for reference). For this example, we selected "Customer".
  6. Within the "Task Type" field, input the task type that you selected (See Step 8 of the previous section for reference). For this example, we selected "Appointment".
  7. Within the "Lead Source" field, input the lead source type that you created (See Step 7 of the previous section for reference). For this example, we selected "Sales Rabbit".
  8. Under the lead statuses column, select the check box options for the statuses that you identified and created within your JobNimbus contact workflow (See Step 4 of the previous section for reference).
  9. Once complete, select Save. Log into your JobNimbus account, go to your name at the top right, and choose “Settings”.

Part 3: Connecting SalesRabbit Users to JobNimbus

The final element to enabling your SalesRabbit+JobNimbus integration is to connect your users from SalesRabbit to JobNimbus.

  1. In JobNimbus, copy the email address for each user.
  2. Within the SalesRabbit web application, proceed to the Users tab and click in the "External IDs" field on the left-hand side.xc
    SalesRabbit - External Field
  3. 3. Within the "External ID" field, enter the corresponding email address for the JobNimbus user and click the "Add" button.
    SalesRabbit - External Field2
  4. Repeat steps 1-4 for all desired users.

    Congratulations! If you've successfully completed Parts 1 through 3, then you are done with enabling and setting up the SalesRabbit+JobNimbus integration. Now, you can proceed to use the integration as intended. A brief overview of the integration is described in the steps of the next selection, below.

    Using the Integration

    Sales Manager Assigns Canvassers to an Area on a Map

    Now that you have had an opportunity to set up the integration between the SalesRabbit+JobNimbus mobile app, you may be ready for your sales staff or canvassers to get out and start knocking on doors. To do so, you will want to assign them to an area to canvas via the Sales Hub within the SalesRabbit web app. To do so, you will:

    1. Login to the SalesRabbit web app.
    2. Within the left-hand navigation menu, select the Sales Hub drop-down menu.
    3. Select Map.
    4. Navigate and orient the map to the area or neighborhoods that you would like your users to canvass.
    5. Within the "Draw New Area" menu, select Draw.
    6. Using your mouse select the borders of the neighborhood or area select the beginning point and edges of the desired canvassing area.
    7. Once complete, a new menu titled "Area" will appear. Select the desired users to canvass this area from the drop-down provided.
    8. Select Save.
    9. Your users will now be assigned this area within the SalesRabbit mobile app.
    image2019-5-9_13-32-39 (1)

    For more training or information regarding this feature in SalesRabbit, please contact your SalesRabbit account manager or SalesRabbit Support.

    Leads and Tasks Sync to JobNimbus

    Once your canvassers are onsite in the neighborhood or area that they are assigned to, they are able to make on-the-spot pin-drops with a potential leads name, address, contact information and notes. Additionally, they are able to input any appointments that they may scheduled while on-site. Once this information is saved via the SalesRabbit mobile app, it immediately syncs new JobNimbus as a new lead contact with any applicable tasks.

    1. From the SalesRabbit mobile app, select Canvass.
    2. To place a pin-drop for a recent lead, select the house icon.
    3. Select the lead's status by selecting the corresponding icon (CB: Call Back, CX: Customer, GB: Go Back, NH: Not Home, NI: Not Interested, OTH: Other).
    4. Select the lead's home or property on the map.

    5. To edit the information for the newly created lead, select it's pin-drop.

    6. Select the pencil icon to edit the record.


    7. Input the desired contact information such as name, address, contact, contact status, notes, or appointment/call back date and time.


    8. Once complete, select the back arrow in the top-left of the screen, and now the contact and task will now appear within JobNimbus assigned to the user that created the lead.

    Enjoy the integration!


    • I enabled the integration in JobNimbus, but I'm not seeing a way to get the leads to generate correctly.

    Before you enable the integration in JobNimbus you will need to contact SalesRabbit and let them know that you would like to integrate SalesRabbit with JobNimbus.


    To get started with SalesRabbit, please visit their website at or via phone at 801.341.2569.
    For issues regarding the SalesRabbit integration, please contact SalesRabbit Support directly. You can contact SalesRabbit via:

    • Live Chat Support: Proceed to and select the support "Rabbot" bubble icon. Located at the bottom right-hand side of the screen, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm MST.
    • Email Support: for 24/7 support.
    • On-Site Support: 2801 North Thanksgiving Way, Suite 210, Lehi, Utah 84043
    • Phone Support: 801-418-9009 M-F 9am-5pm MST

    Request a Demo:

    To request a Demo, please visit here.


    Pricing for SalesRabbit can be found at their site, here.

    If you have any other questions about setting up the SalesRabbit integration in JobNimbus please reach out via phone support (855) 964-6287 or via email at