Setting up WePay

WePay: WePay is a third party integration for accepting invoice payments. It is a payment processing platform available to JobNimbus customers using U.S. currency. WePay also integrates with Quickbooks. 


1) How to enable Wepay?

  • Settings
  • Features 
  • 3rd Party Features 
  • WePay 
  • Enable



2)Open a new tab and create a WePay account at: 




Fill out basic information.




3) After creating a WePay account, make sure you confirm your email. There are several confirmation emails.



4) Within JobNimbus go to settings ---> payments --->

Select a payment method. Go through the login in WePay and answer the banking questions regarding your company like the EIN number and the last four of your social. 












WePay Interface:

What your account looks like in your WePay account.


1) How to check your WePay transactions.

First you want to check your settlement settings:

  1. Log into WePay
  2. Click Settings on the left
  3. Select settlement details 
  4. Select transfer period 
  5. Choose daily, weekly or monthly.


WePay Interface Settlement Screen:


Notes: If your company absorbs the payment (and not your customer) it will be deposited in your bank account with a deduction, and won't reflect on your payments in JobNimbus. If your customer absorbs the payment, it will be added to their invoiced charge for your quoted services.