Signing Documents Via the JobNimbus Mobile App

While on-the-go, JobNimbus users can sign documents via the JobNimbus mobile app on their smartphone or tablet. This feature works by adding attaching a separate page to an existing PDF document with a collection of the signatures added via the app.

To sign a document using the mobile app:

    1. Select the "Related Items" icon within a contact/job.

    2. Select the desired PDF file from the list of related attachments.
    3. Select "Add Signature."
    4. Select the option to choose who will be signing the document. You may also manually type in the name if the signee is not a related contact, assignee, or sales representative related to the parent record (contact/job).
    5. Select the desired signee.
    6. Select "Sign Now."
    7. Draw your signature, and select "Accept Signature." You can clear the signature by selecting "Clear Signature."


      Tips:  Make sure your phone is horizontal as it may not work properly if vertical. An icon will show to instruct you to move it.