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Sync with QuickBooks

Supported QuickBooks Editions:

You can sync with both Quickbooks Desktop or Quickbooks Online. See this article which details out which editions are supported.

What does JobNimbus sync?

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See which fields within each of these sections that sync. For example, "First Name" is a field that syncs for both the online and desktop editions. See more specifics on each program of what syncs Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop.

Setting Up the Quickbooks Sync:

  1. Enable the Quickbooks Sync, in "settings", "features" tab, "3rd Party Features", Quickbooks "Enable".
  2. Quickbooks Desktop
  3. Quickbooks Online
  • Don't upload contacts through a CSV or Excel file, then sync Quickbooks with JobNimbus. This will result in duplications.
  • If you enter a contact in JobNimbus and in Quickbooks, then sync the programs, that doesn't mean they will link up. You must have the Display Name/Customer Name field 100% identical. For the system to match up upon sync or you will have duplicated records in each system.
  • Be careful not to sync years worth of data at once with Quickbooks Desktop, as the Web Connector may freeze up. Keep records syncing in waves of 1000 active records at a time.