Task Types


  1. Select the "Settings"
  2. Select "Task Type" tab
  3. Here you can see your existing task types
  4. To add a new type select "Add Type"
  5. Fill in a name for the task type and default name. Select whether to hide from calendar/task list.
  6. Choose an image (optional, shows on calendar)

Sample Calendar Icon View:


 2) Creating Tasks:

After you have set-up any additional custom tasks that you need, or are satisfied with how your tasks are labelled you can create tasks on a contact/job. You can also create tasks for colleagues. 

There are several locations to create tasks:

  • Left of the search bar
  • On the Contact and Job details page
  • Top left of the Calendar


To the left of the main JobNimbus search bar:


Task tab on a Contact or Job:


Sample task on a job:






3) Notifications:

You can be notified of tasks if you have them checked off. All users who have the task reminder checked will receive a reminder at 3 AM MST. One week old tasks to +1 day, receive reminders.

  1. Starting/Due Today
  2. If task due date is today
  3. Overdue
  4. If task due date was less than today but not older than 7 days
  5. Tomorrow
  6. If task due date is greater than today and not newer than 1 day from now



  1. Select the "User Menu"
  2. Select "My Info"
  3. Scroll down to "Notifications"
  4. Select "Task Reminders"/ "Task Assigned"
  5. Make needed changes, scroll down "Save Notification Preferences" button