Template Questions


While you are creating document templates, there could be times you may need to create a template where you can add in custom information when you add it to your Contact's files. You can create groups of questions to add to your templates that can be used to further customize the documents you create in your Contacts or Jobs.

Here, we will talk about enabling the Template Questions feature and how to use the feature to bring your templates to the next level.

Before we Get Into it

Write down the questions you need to answer to include in the documents. These questions can be anything you need, such as when the home was built. Note: The answer, not the question, will be added to your document template.

Enabling Template Questions

Before you can create template questions, you will need to enable the feature. To enable the feature, click on your name in the top right corner and select "Settings" from the drop-down menu. From your settings, select "Features" from the menu on the left, and then click on the "Enable" button to the right in the Template Questions row.

Template Questions - Feature Enable

Enabling this feature will unlock a new option in the menu on the left.


Templates are static. When you create them, they contain specific information that you have entered at that specific time. Using template fields, you can gather certain information you have already added to JobNimbus, such as a Contact's name or address. Using template questions, you can add custom information not held in JobNimbus to your document templates.

Creating Template Questions

To create a set of template questions, select "Template Questions" from the menu on the left side of your Settings. Then, click on the "Add Template Question List" button.

Template Questions - Add Button

Clicking on this button will bring up the Add Template Question listTemplate Questions - Add List

In this window, you can give your Template Question List a name and then save your list by clicking on the "Add Template Question List" button.

The list will now show up in your Template Questions page. You can add questions to the list by clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the list name and select "Manage Questions" from the drop-down menu.

Template Questions - Manage Questions

This will bring up the Manage Questions window. Click on the "Add Question" button to add your questions to your template question list.

Template Questions - Add Question Button

This will bring up the Add Question window.

Template Questions - Add Question

In the Add Question window, you can:

  1. Add the question you will need to answer for your document template.
  2. Choose the type of answer for your question. The types of answer you can choose are:
    • Decimal. This is a number that can include a decimal.
    • Number. This is a whole number.
    • Text. This can be words and numbers. You can also use symbols.
    • Boolean. This will give you a checkbox for yes and no.
  3. Save the question to your template list.

Saving the question will add it to your question template list.

Template Questions - Manage Question Window

After you have added your questions, you can:

  1. Mark the question as either visible or hidden. A hidden question will only show up when creating a document if you have included the question in the template. If you decide to keep the question visible, it will show up when creating the document, but if you enter an answer, the answer will not show on your document.
  2. Pull up the drop-down menu for the question. The options in the drop-down are Edit and Delete.
  3. Close the template question list window.

After you have created your list of questions, you can add them to your document template.

Adding Questions to your Template

You can add template questions to your document template through the template fields drop-down menu. When you are in the Document Builder, click on "Template Fields" and then scroll down to the title of your Template Question List. The option will begin with "Form:", but it will then have your template list name.

Template Questions Template Field

You can then choose which questions from your list you want to include in your document template. Wherever you insert the question template field, the answer you give will show in that spot on your document template.

To learn more about how to create document templates, read our article here.

Adding Answers to your Template

After you have created your document which includes your template questionfield or fields, you can then add it to your Contact or Job. To add the document to a Contact or Job, navigate to the Contact or Job. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the information panel and then select "Create Document" from the drop-down menu.

Template Questions - Contact Create Document

This will pull up the Add Document window.

Document Choose Template

Use the Design Template drop-down to choose the template that includes your template questions. After you have selected the template, it will appear in the viewer at the bottom of the screen and the questions you have written will appear at the top, ready for you to answer.

Template Questions Create Document

The answers you provide in the top of the screen will populate in the document below after you click on the "Create Document" button.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Mark questions as hidden if you don't want them available for use on future documents.
  • Use decimal fields for currency.


  • Use these to send the questions to your Contacts as the questions need to be answered when creating the documents.


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