The QuickBooks Sync Created Duplicates. What Can I Do?

Occasionally duplicate contacts/customers or jobs are created during the sync. They can be merged in both systems to preserve the child records contained in each.

Duplicate transactions will need to be deleted from both systems, but contacts can be merged to combine child records (including transactions) under the same contact.

To Merge a Customer in QuickBooks:

  • Copy the customer name of the customer you want to keep to your clipboard.

  • Double-click on the customer you want to merge.

  • Paste the contents of your clipboard over the customer's name.

  • Hit ‘OK’.

  • QuickBooks will ask you if you want to merge, click ‘Yes’.

To Merge a Contact in JobNimbus:

  • Navigate to the Contact you want to keep and click on the 3 dots in the top right corner.

  • Choose ‘Merge’ from the drop-down menu.

  • Start typing the Contact's name in the field and select the option from the drop-down.

  • Review the warning and check the box next to ‘I understand that this action cannot be undone’.

  • Click ‘Merge’.

Jobs can be merged using the same process but must be child records of the same parent Contact in order to merge.


Ensure you keep the same record in both systems. Additionally, be sure the record you are keeping is the one that is syncing.