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How Do I Troubleshoot QuickBooks Desktop and the Web Connector?

If the time stamp inside JobNimbus=>Settings=>QuickBooks is not updating regularly, there may be an issue with the web connector:

QBD - Web Connector not updating

To Launch the Web Connector:

  • Go to QuickBooks=>File=>App Management=>Update Web Services

  • or Search for the app on your Windows computer

To Run the Sync Manually:

  • Check the box next to the JobNimbus application

  • Hit ‘Update Selected’ at the top of the web connector

Basic QBWC steps:

If the QBWC is not working. Try the following steps.

  • Restart Quickbooks as that may resolve the issue. Be sure to close down ALL open instances of QuickBooks.

  • Make sure the time on the autorun of the Web Connector is sufficient. If there is a lot of data increase the time. Below 5 minutes will result in errors, 60 minutes is the normal allotment. 

  • Try removing the QBWC and re-adding. How do I remove and re-add the QuickBooks Web Connector?

  • Re-add the password located in the Password box of the web connector. The password for the web connector is located in JobNimbus => Settings => QuickBooks=>Show sync Options
    QBD - Sync Manually - Web connector
    QBD - Sync Manually - Sync Details


How to Troubleshoot Common Web Connector Errors seen on the when Syncing to QuickBooks Desktop:

An error will display on the web connector in red next to ‘last result’. Click on the ‘Click for more information’ to determine the cause of the error, listed under the Description:

QBD - Web Connector - Displayed errors

Error: QBWC 1039 error

 Explanation: This error can appear when trying to re-add the JobNimbus QWC file to the web connector that has previously contained the application.

How to Fix:

First, ensure that you aren't running multiple copies of the Web Connector on different computers. The Web Connector should be installed and running on a single computer. If you're moving the Web Connector to a new computer, first attempt to "Remove" JobNimbus from the Web Connector on the old computer before adding it to the new computer. If something is preventing you from doing this, you can follow the steps in this QuickBooks article to get back up and running:

Fix Web Connector error QBWC1039

  • “Unique OwnerID/FileID Pair Value Required”- in the Intuit Help article above, there is a section with this name in the title. There is a CP3 tool within that section of the article. Download the tool to remove a stamp from the QWC file from JobNimbus that you are trying to add to the web connector

Error: A QuickBooks company data file is already open and it is different from the one requested or there are multiple company files open

Explanation: This means the wrong QuickBooks account is open for the Web connector instance that you are running or that you have multiple companies open at once.

How to fix:

  • Close down QuickBooks to make sure there aren't any unexpected instances running

    • Other open QB instances tend to ‘hide’ on the computer. Use your task manager to ensure no other instances are running or even reboot the computer or server to ensure ALL other instances are closed down.

  • Reopen QuickBooks with the location you are trying to run the web connector for.

    • In JobNimbus=>Settings=> QuickBooks => Show Setup Options, you can see what file path JobNimbus is syncing to:

      QBD - Web Connector Error - Sync Management

      This is the file that must be open for the sync to run.

  • Run the web connector by checking the box of the instance that needs to run and then selecting “update selected”
    QBD - Web Connector Error - Update Selected

  • If the above doesn’t work, leave the web connector open and close all instances of QuickBooks. With the QuickBooks file closed, hit Update Selected on the web connector.

Another possibility is that the file path has changed:

Error- Company File is Locked by another client

Possible Causes:

  • The Auto-Run being set to trigger too frequently. In other words, this means the Auto-Run interval (value) is set too low (i.e. 15 minutes or less) and the Web Connector does not have enough time to finish the previous task before starting the next one.

    • Solution: Increase Autorun time

  • Another possible cause is that the Web Connector was force-closed while running. 

    • Solution: Try running the web connector again

  • The error can occur when QuickBooks is in multi-user mode and a user logs off the machine, but fails to log out of QuickBooks. Your company file is locked, but Windows should release the lock in 30 minutes. This is especially common when using QuickBooks with hosted environments or remote desktops.

    • Solution: The QuickBooks company file will typically automatically unlock itself within a few hours. Restarting the QuickBooks computer usually assists in forcing this to happen.


Error -  There was a temporary network issue while syncing. This issue should automatically resolve during the next sync cycle.

Explanation: This error is typically caused by the internet connection being interrupted during the sync, or being too slow to handle the amount of data trying to transfer.

To Fix:

  • Try running a manual sync of the web connector (Update Selected) at the end of the day or not during peak business hours when the demand on the internet connection is high.

  • This is common if the QuickBooks file is extremely large and the web connector must scan through a large amount of data. Some users have been able to compress their QuickBooks file to help with this.

  • If you have slow internet, consider upgrading your internet connection.


Error: This application is unable to log into this QuickBooks company data file automatically. The QuickBooks administrator must grant permission for an automatic login through the Integrated Application preferences.

Explanation: The permissions for the web connector have been removed from JobNimbus

To fix:

  • Go to QuickBooks=>Edit=>Preferences=> Integrated Applications=> Company Preferences

  • Be sure that the ‘Don’t allow any applications to access this company file' is unchecked

  • Ensure that the JobNimbus application is in the table and is checked to allow access. If you do not see it, remove and re-add the QWC file: How do I remove and re-add the QuickBooks Web Connector?

  • Click on Properties to make sure JobNimbus is allowed to read and modify the file and to login automatically:
    QBD - Sync Manually - Company Preferences


Error: Web Connector keeps Freezing Up

Try restarting the computer and Quickbooks. If that doesn't resolve it, you would need to reach Quickbooks Desktop and see if they can fix the software. They may have to re-install the Web Connector. This typically will escalate to a Tier 2 technician. 

QuickBooks Desktop Support phone number 877-797-5809 or 1-800-488-7330 QuickBooks® Official Contact Us, Contact QuickBooks Customer Service & Support

Further reading at Intuit: Fix common Web Connector errors in QuickBooks Desktop 

Error: Customer query failed: 3391 - The iteratorID "{31da74dd-a0ce-4452-87f2-7d003f53ee61}" is not valid.

The web connector is likely timing out. It could either be Quickbooks is being slow or the HTTP connection is slow. There is a two-minute hard-coded timeout for each HTTP response. If there is a lot of data, you may way want to make some data inactive so it is more manageable for the web connector. Check your internet is running well, a slow network with a lot of data to transfer will result in timeouts.



Can I have the web connector set-up on multiple computers?
If you set up the Web Connector on another computer with the same .qwc file and password it will affect the sync on the first computer. The sync on the first computer will stop functioning appropriately so this isn't advised. The best way to sync is to have one admin in the company file with one web connector and use that on auto-run.