Troubleshooting QBD

Troubleshooting Quickbooks Desktop:
Whenever something is not syncing it is always useful to carefully look at the error log in settings highlighted in pink "show sync errors" that will show you each record that had a conflict syncing.

Usually, if you fix the error the record will sync over to the next cycle. You can try clicking on "retry" in the error log and you can force sync through doing a manual update of the web connector (Open Quickbooks --->File ---> Update Web Services when the web connector is open click update selected at the top of the screen).

Also, check the actual error on the record in JobNimbus. If the company file name is changed or if the company file is moved, it will stop the sync process.


The below screenshot explains the QuickBooks setup interface in QuickBooks desktop in Job Nimbus. This is located in settings ---> QuickBooks

If sync is set to QB for a preference, and a record is archived from the Quickbooks end, it is not possible for it to appear in JobNimbus until that record is unarchived in Quickbooks and JobNimbus.




 After making changes, also try clicking on "retry or retry all". This will often force the program to re-recongize changes.

Useful tips: Check your job workflows and your contact workflows to review what you have syncing with QuickBooks. Make sure some of your data is set to archive. Once a customer is paid and closed there is no need to continue the sync (assuming all accounting data has gone to QuickBooks). Especially, it is not advisable to have years worth of data that you have already paid and closed and have accounted for in tax terms. You can always re-activate an inactive/archived record if need be, whether you have new work or need to sync something. 

Basic Navigation in Quickbooks: 

Where do I get a web connector? If you don't have one download one from Intuit and install. If it does not install you will need to call Intuit/Quickbooks. Usually, you can google "QuickBooks web connector download" and find the software. Most of the time it is autoloaded on the QuickBooks software. You know you have one if you click on "Open Quickbooks --->File ---> Update Web Services when the web" and Update Web Services is there. 


1) My webconnector is frozen, I have a QuickBooks server, what should I do?

Try rebooting the server. If that doesn't work we may need to get the log file from QBD. The webconnector may also freeze if you have a lot of data to transfer. It may require you to force stop the Quickbooks program from running and restarting it. In Windows, you can do this by typing control + alt + delete and choosing to stop Quickbooks. 


2) How do I change the QuickBooks user that the Web Connector authenticates as?

Open the QB company file
Select Edit - Preferences
Select Integrated Applications from the Left side
Select Company Preferences from the Right Tab
Find JobNimbus - highlight it and select Properties
Under the Allow this application to login Automatically, change the user.




3) What do I do I have a QuickBooks administrator error?


Error connecting to QuickBooks. Error message received from QuickBooks was <This application has not accessed this QuickBooks company data file before. The QuickBooks administrator must grant an application permission to access a QuickBooks company data file for the first time.>. The application has sent back a DONE via connectionError. More information is available in the log file (click View Log button from the main window). Update aborted per request from the application. 


Log out of Quickbooks and log in as admin, also make sure you are in single user mode. 


4) My webconnector has an error that says, "Invalid Sync State" and is red?

Often this accompanied by intermittent connecting and stopping and sometimes the web connector will cease functioning altogether.

It can be "Invalid Sync state" because of network connection problem on the machine or the internet. Wait for 5 minutes and see if the error goes away, check your network/internet as well.

If, that still does not work it may require our developer to analyze an error log to see what is the problem. 

It could be a variety of reasons, and the only way we can solve it is by:

Article Body
You can enable QuickBooks Desktop Web Connector logging by following the following instructions.

  • Exit the Web Connector
  • Run regedit (Start > Run > regedit.exe)
  • Navigating to: \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Intuit\QBWebConnector
  • Change the 'Level' key to VERBOSE original is DEBUG
  • Start the Web Connector, and run your sync

The log file for QBWC can be found at: C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QBWebConnector\log\QWCLog.txt" (file:///C:/ProgramData/Intuit/QBWebConnector/log/QWCLog.txt%22)

This log file will show you both the QBXML request and response send between QuickBooks and the QBWC server.

If you are able to get the log file, then our developer will be able to analyze the code and see what is causing it. Then we may be able to get it to sync properly.


5) What does this error mean? Customer query failed: 3391 - The iteratorID "{31da74dd-a0ce-4452-87f2-7d003f53ee61}" is not valid.

The web connector is likely timing out. Or someone may have pulled the network jack out of the computer while it was in a session so it had items in the queue from a previous run. It could either be Quickbooks is being slow or the HTTP connection is slow. There is a two-minute hard-coded timeout for each HTTP response. If there is a lot of data, you may way want to make some data inactive so it is more manageable for the web connector. Check your internet is running well, a slow network with a lot of data to transfer will result in timeouts.


6) How do I get rid of the sales rep not mapped error?

Check that the sales reps are indeed mapped out correctly. Click on the refresh QuickBooks lists link on the bottom of your JobNimbus QuickBooks settings page. Refresh your web connector in Quickbooks by clicking on Add Application. Also, make sure the sales rep in your Quickbooks Desktop is active.


JobNimbus Quickbooks Settings


Error log:

Also, click retry then: Open Quickbooks --->File ---> Update Web Services when the web connector is open click update selected at the top of the screen




Quickbooks Desktop 



6) In JobNimbus in my Quickbooks settings, my WebConnector is just circling it has been doing that for hours?

Try disconnecting and then reconnecting. It is probably idling or frozen and may have timed out.


7) How do I solve my duplicated contacts? (this answer will suffice for QBO as well)

Setup - If you have "Bob" in JN and "Bobb" in QB and they are actually the same records then on sync it will create a duplicate of each in the other system so that the two records you want to be linked are now linked to different records.

1 - Copy all data in QB from Bobb to Bob in QB (Choose the record that has the most data)
2 - Delete Bobb in QB and JN
3 - Rename Bob to Bobb if needed in JN and also in the Display Name /Customer Name field of QB as it tends to stick there even after the record is updated from the change in JN. Note the customer name needs to be unique and for only 1 contact.

If you have a similar case where you have two Bob records in JN but only one in QB and the wrong Bob in JN is now linked to the record in QB follow these steps.

1 - Rename the unlinked Bob in JN to Bob 2
2 - Sync Web Connector to get Bob 2 created in QB
3 - Copy all info from Bob to Bob 2 in QB
4 - Sync Web Connector to get that info into JN
5 - Delete Bob in JN
6 - Sync Web Connector to sync the delete
7 - Delete Bob in QB in case settings made it so that the QB version wasn't deleted
8 - Sync Web Connector just to be safe
9 - Rename Bob 2 in JN to Bob and Display Name/Customer Name in QB as well
10 - Sync Web Connector
You should now be where you want to be with this record.

Another feasible way is to have the sync completely disconnected. Make sure the names are 100% identical. Then reconnect. But, if it's linked to another record which is the wrong record it is not possible to change that.

8) I do not see any area to "update web services" to start my QuickBooks first time sync.

It is possible that you need to download the web connector. There is no web connector for Quickbooks Mac. Make sure you are in single-user mode and you are the admin of the file. You may have to call Quickbooks to see why your program doesn't have the option.  

9) How do I merge contacts? It cannot be done in JN but in Quickbooks, there is the functionality. This may not necessarily solve duplication sync errors.


  1. I go to the account that I want to remove/merge out of - in this case, the account called A B C Co and right click on it. I then choose Edit Customer: Job
  2. I then go to the top box in the customer account, remove what is there leaving everything else below it, and then type in ABC Company. You must type the exact listing in this box of the name of the account you are merging into - in this case, I have chosen to merge into the ABC Company account.
    Duplicate Customer Listing  
  3. Once I click on OK, I then get the following notice from QuickBooks - if you don't see this box, it means you have not typed in the name EXACTLY as it appears in the account you are merging into (including spaces, dots, dashes, etc.):
    Merged Customer Warning  
  4. At this stage, I would click on Yes, meaning I want to merge them together. Once that process is done, I will only have one listing on my customer list called ABC Company!

 10) The product is inactive in QuickBooks and it will not sync, how do I fix this? 

If the product is inactive it will not sync. To fix it you would either have to A: make the product active again in QuickBooks or B: make the contact inactive. If it is an older record, make sure to archive it. Typically, there is no need to continue syncing data that is paid and closed for the tax year. If the contact has more work for you to do in the future then change the status to an active one.

11)  I have the error, "Sales Tax' is not linked in QuickBooks. Please edit this record in JobNimbus and choose a tax that is defined in QuickBooks.

Go to the record invoice/estimate. Open it and select appropriate tax and save. 


12) There may be issues with my company file, how do I rebuild the data? As per Intuit's instructions.

Resolve data damage on your company file

Before you begin troubleshooting, please keep in mind:

  • Run the Rebuild and Verify Utilities on the same computer where the actual company file is stored.
  • The Rebuild Utility will create a backup of your file. You can save the backup anywhere but please ensure that you take note of the location of the file.

Step 1: Run the Rebuild Utility

  1. From the File menu, click Utilities > Rebuild Data.
  2. Click OK if you receive a prompt to backup your company file.
    Note: Your computer may display the message QuickBooks is not responding. However, as long as you can see your mouse cursor move, Rebuild is still ongoing. Wait for it to complete.
  3. Click OK when you get the message Rebuild has completed and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Run the Verify Utility

  1. From the File menu, click Utilities > Verify Data.
  2. Click OK when you see the message QuickBooks detected no problem with your data. You may continue using your company file.
  3. If Verify finds an issue with your data, you will be prompted to Rebuild Now or View Errors. Please click Close. Instead, perform the following:
    Important: Continue with the following steps if you are comfortable reviewing the QBWIN.log file. Otherwise, you may contact support for additional help.
    1. Find QBWIN.log or QuickBooks.log files.
      Note: If you are working with a support agent, from the Tech Help window, click Send log files to Intuit Support. This will send the file to a repository that will enable the support agent to view your log files.
    2. With the file open, search (Ctrl+F) for BEGIN VERIFY and locate the most recent file (logs are in date order with latest at the bottom).
    3. Find the line that contains the LVL_ERROR, copy and paste to QuickBooks Help. You may also see Data Damage Top LVL errors Library.
    4. Follow the steps to resolve the issue.

13) I have the error "An attempt was made to delete an Invoice with a date that is on or before the closing date of the company.  If you are sure you really want to do this, please ask a user with Admin privileges to remove the password for editing transactions on or before to closing date (this setting is in the Accounting Company Preferences), then try again"

Open Quickbooks ---> Edit --->Preferences --->Accounting ---> Company Preferences Tab ---> Set Date/Password --->Remove the password



14) How do I find my archived contacts on Quickbooks desktop? Go to the customer and choose "All Customers" from the drop-down. The ones with a black X next to them are in an inactive status. If you click on the black X it will disappear and make the contact active again if need be.


15) How do I make a contact inactive or archived on Quickbooks Desktop?

Right-click on the contact and make inactive. 


16) Can I have my settings delete my records out of the other system?

When you first setup the sync the options are to leave the record active or inactive. If you would like the record deleted out of both systems, you would need to manually delete. 


17) My vendor is syncing to Quickbooks as a customer, how do I fix this?

This occurs when someone unclicks vendor in the workflow. The workflow then behaves as a customer. Then if you switch the vendor in JobNimbus to a vendor, it still will show as a customer in Quickbooks. The way to solve this would be to move all financial data to the vendor in JobNimbus, make sure the workflow has "vendor" checked off. Then delete the vendor that is a customer in Quickbooks. Rerun the sync and it should map out correctly.


*If the account is QB online, the vendors are not integrated and will always go over as a customer. Vendors would need to be manually input in QBO.


18) Why doesn't my customer name field update?

Upon creation of a contact in JobNimbus, a contact will sync over with the customer name field that was originally created. If the company name, first name or last name field is updated in JobNimbus the customer name field will not update. Manually update this field in Quickbooks as it is not a supported field.



19) What password should I use for the .qwc file for the Quickbooks Web Connector?

It is located in settings --> Quickbooks. If you are not connected yet it is on step 6. If you are connected it is located in show setup options.

Initial setup:





20) I updated my Quickbooks version to the latest and now the Web Connector won't sync, what should I do? 

In this situation it is best to call Quickbooks as there may be a doubling up of the Web Connector. Their number is: Open Hours: 24/7 1-877-797-5809 


21) My tax is going into the wrong account? When you create a tax you can setup which account and which type. This is best initially done in Quickbooks because you can select the right settings for the tax from the beginning. In Quickbooks it won't allow you to edit the type/account once you create it if you created it as a sales tax item. If it was created as a service you can edit the account it goes to. The only fields for tax that syncs between JobNimbus in Quickbooks is the tax name and the percentage or rate.



Remote Server: This is when your Quickbooks company file is uploaded to another server. Most people do this to preserve the data, as a personal PC with a company file may have a higher chance to get malware or crash. Some drawbacks of a remote server are that it can take longer to transfer data or it may time out.


1) I have a remote server with QBD and I keep getting QBWC1039 error?

Make sure that the .qwc file is uploaded to the remote server. Usually, this is located in a file manager program, you would want it to go to the C drive.


2) I use Right Networks, how do I upload my qwc file to the server so my QBD recognizes it. Right-click on file to copy on your personal desktop. Click control +V on your remote server. Autorun is known not to work on Right Networks, as their system may automatically log you out every two hours.This means you have to manually update the sync when you want the data to sync. This is likely due to it not allowing JobNimbus to access the Quickbooks file, if you would like to reach out to Right Networks we would be more than happy to help with the resolution with this issue.




QBD Contact information:

Open Hours: 24/7 1-877-797-5809 Chat: 



Proceed with extreme caution when moving your company file. It will likely cause a severe disruption to the sync process, including a common QBWC1039 error, which will require Quickbooks CP3 software to clear out the error. It also may disrupt the mapping of your records.

This may result in having to manually fix many records.