Troubleshooting QBO

Troubleshooting Quickbooks Online:

Whenever something is not syncing it is always useful to carefully look at the error log in settings highlighted in pink "show sync errors", it will show you each document that had a conflict syncing. Usually, if you fix the error the document will sync over to the next cycle. Also, check the actual error in the document in JobNimbus.

The below screenshot explains the QuickBooks setup interface in QuickBooks  in JobNimbus. This is located in settings ---> QuickBooks


Useful tips: Check your job workflows and your contact workflows to review what you have syncing with QuickBooks. Make sure some of your data is set to archive. Once a customer is paid and closed there is no need to continue the sync (assuming all accounting data has gone to QuickBooks). Especially, it is not advisable to have years worth of data that you have already paid and closed and have accounted for in tax terms. You can always re-activate an inactive/archived record if need be, whether you have new work or need to sync something. 

Create a test contact and have it sync. This way if you want to test something to see how the sync behaves you will know more about what you should or should not do on a real contact.


1) How do I solve my duplicate invoice/contact/job? Only one will sync.

Error: This record isn't syncing because a record with a duplicate name already exists in QuickBooks.

Explanation: All “Display” names in QuickBooks must be unique. This error means the name supplied on the record is already in use in QuickBooks. This could be on another customer, vendor, or employee.

Once the records are linked there is no way to break them.

If an error comes up because you have a duplicate in the JobNimbus system, and that record has most of the content that you need in QuickBooks Online, try renaming the record. The display name field on a contact in QuickBooks and JobNimbus is the field that the system uses to find matches on its initial sync.

1) Find the duplicate record you want to keep in JobNimbus.
2) Rename the duplicate record you do not want to keep so you can differentiate it. Example: Change Jane Doe to Jane Doe 2.
3) Move all data to the record you want to keep manually.
4) Financials like invoices and payments will have to be recreated as there isn't a way to move them in JobNimbus.
5) Delete the record you no longer want in JobNimbus. Delete the record you don't want out of Quickbooks.
6) Retry your QuickBooks sync if needed.


2) My invoice is not syncing due to a custom line item?

Custom line items are not accepted in Quickbooks. All products must be entered in the product list in JobNimbus. This error occurs if you entered in information prior to the Quickbooks sync as one offline items on estimates/invoices without setting up a product list. If a custom line item was made prior to enabling Quickbooks on JobNimbus's side you would have to go through the invoice and retype the product line items. If there were estimates that were later turned into invoices and they were created with custom line items it may cause the future invoices to not sync up later and you would have to re-enter in the line items on the estimate.


3) My job is not syncing, it says no parent record?

This should be a quick fix. Open the job edit it. Go to related contacts, add a contact for the parent job, save. Then it should sync. The first contact on the job should then show as primary.


4) My payment is not syncing to the job it is syncing to the parent contact in QuickBooks, what should I do?

If you did not create an invoice under the job it will record the payment to the parent contact by default.


5) What does the error "this product is a group item and is not supported"?

You would have to ungroup the item in Quickbooks as bundled items are not supported in JobNimbus.


6) What does the error, "Unable to access your QuickBooks account. Please check your account status in QuickBooks." mean?

If you changed your password in Quickbooks or if you had another JobNimbus account connected to your Quickbooks you may get that error. You would have to disconnect you JobNimbus account from Quickbooks in settings in JobNimbus and log out of Quickbooks. Wait an hour and re-connect. If it still has the same error we would have to explore with our developer.


7) How do I stop certain records from coming into JobNimbus? I have a lot of old jobs and closed invoices. I don't want them to go back into my JobNimbus account.

Any records that are marked as "inactive" in QBO will not sync over. To deactivate a contact/job go to sales --->customers --> hover over individual and click down arrow on far right --> make inactive



 8) How do I merge records?

In QuickBooks Online, it is at your discretion to merge your records and it may or may not be a solution to duplicate. 

QuickBooks Online states:

Important:  The merging process is not reversible. Merging is permanent and cannot be undone at a later point.

  1. Choose the Gear icon at the top  > Chart of Accounts.
  2. In the Action column, select Edit for the account you are keeping.
  3. Copy the Name, make note of the Detail Type and if the Is Sub-account option is marked. If sub-account is marked, make note of the parent account it is associated with.
  4. Click Cancel to return to the Chart of Accounts.
  5. Go to the account whose name you don't want to use and click Edit in the Action column.
  6. Paste in the Name and make sure the Detail Type matches the account with which you're merging.
  7. If these are sub-accounts, make sure they are associated with the same parent. If only one is a sub-account, make it a parent account by deselecting the Is Sub-account option.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click Yes to confirm that you want to merge the two accounts.
  10. Note:  The account being merged will remain with a status of "deleted" until QuickBooks Online's nightly processing removes them.  Any transactions in the account being merged will be moved to the remaining account at the time the merge is processed.

Tip: Disconnect the sync before merging records. If the account is not disconnected, records may not sync up properly. Upon merging records some fields will be overwritten. For example, if each record has a different address one will be saved and the other will disappear. The record you merge into keeps the address field. Test this feature in your account with two test contacts with all the information on them to see how it behaves.


9) How do I check my inactive or deleted products and service in QBO? If you are having an error related to line items in JobNimbus regarding your products or services check on the status of them in QBO. Inactive deleted records will not sync to JobNimbus. 


10)What does the "stale object error" mean?

Explanation - This sync error happens when the sync sees that the record is open is both QuickBooks and JobNimbus. This should clear the next time the sync runs

  • If changes were made in QuickBooks Online first and then in JobNimbus then an error will display in the JobNimbus QuickBooks settings support page.
  • If changes were made in JobNimbus first and then QuickBooks Online then an error will display in the QuickBooks Online User Interface screen (not in JobNimbus)
  • Retry your QuickBooks sync if needed

If a user clicks on "Retry" from the QuickBooks support screen in the JobNimbus settings page then JobNimbus will resend the record when the next sync will happen. Also, edit/save should fix this issue.


11)What do inactive records do?

Generally speaking, inactive records do not sync. There are settings that you can choose, for example, if a contact is made in JobNimbus, then make it inactive in QuickBooks. Also, the products and services can be set to "hidden" which will disrupt the sync process. If you had an estimate that was syncing then hid the products in JobNimbus the hidden products would still likely sync. However, if you converted the estimate to an invoice then the new invoice would not sync with the hidden products.  In order to create a new invoice, the products need to be active in Quickbooks.


12) What does the error, "Invalid reference id: Categories cannot be used in transactions. " mean?

This is an error originating in Quickbooks. In order for the sync to work the items must be a product or service item and not a category.