Un-Delete Records within JobNimbus

Undelete feature:

When records are deleted like a contact or a job, they are able to be located via a report within the Reports section of JobNimbus. The record will not appear in the search field at the top of the screen, although the documents such as invoices may.

To access the record:

  • Reports
  • My saved reports
  • Create Activity report
  • Filter 
  • Note Type contains all “deleted” (without quotes).



Select the parent workflow to find the job. Or click on the contact which will send you to the link to the data.That will bring up the deleted job/contact. 

You can then click on the red banner on the top of the screen that says "undelete".This process helps make recovery very painless and nearly instantaneous.

If something was deleted in the activity like an email or a note. You cannot retrieve it through this "undelete" feature.

The option to "undelete" a record is only available for 30 days.


User deactivated:

When a user is deactivated, the content created by and assigned to that user is removed. You can re-activate the user, change the password and re-assign contacts/jobs to another user or change the login information to a new user entirely.

To see the content a deactivated user created:

  • Reports 
  • My saved reports
  • Create Activity report
  • Add filter
  • Note Type Contains all
  • “User deactivated” (without quotes).