What Are Roles and Seats?

Understand the terms that describe different aspects of your JobNimbus Subscription.


The way in which you decide what feature(s) a team member can access is by assigning them to a role.

Details about each role can be found on the Manage Subscription page in your account settings.


  • Team members may be assigned to multiple roles, depending on which features you want to make available to them.
    • For example, if you want a user with a "Field" role to have access to Estimates, you would also need to assign them a seat under the "Sales" role.


The number of seats you purchase for a role indicates how many unique users will be given that level of access to JobNimbus features.

When you manage your Subscription, you can add or remove seats from a role under their respective section.


  • Deactivating a team member does not automatically reduce the number of seats for which you are paying. You will need to manually decrease seats for that role by managing your Subscription.
  • No refunds or credits will be provided if you fail to decrease the number of seats at any point during the billing cycle.