What are Template Fields and how do I use them?

Template Fields are the powerhouse of your templates and the most efficient way to include the information you need.

Templates - How do you use Template Fields

Select Insert Template Field in the content toolbar. Within the dropdown menu, there are several options; each of these will allow you to pull information from your Contact or Job fields. For example, by choosing Contact > First Name, the template will plug in a shortcode {{ContactFirstName}}, which will pull the first name of the Contact for whom you are creating the document to that spot in the body.

Document Template Template Fields
  • Built-in Section - Options in this group will allow you to add in options such as a Signature Area, Estimates, and information such as Related Contacts and Document or Photo Attachments.
  • Job - These options are separated into various groups which will allow you to pull information such as Job location details, Custom Job Fields, information from the Workflow, and even information from the Job's Primary Contact.
    • Tip: If you are building a Document that will be created under a Job, but you need to include their Parent Contact information, use the "Job.Primary Contact" options.
  • Contact - There are several groups for Contacts. These options will allow you to pull information from your Contacts such as general Contact details, Custom Contact Fields, and information from your Contact Workflows.
  • Task - Include details such as the Task's AssigneeStart and End Date, as well as Related Records.
  • Template Questions - These groups start with "Form:" and then include the name of your Template List. Learn more about this feature here.
  • Activity - Include a breakdown of the happenings listed under a record's Activity tab.
  • HTML Element - Add interactive Checkboxes and Tables, with or without visible borders.

You can include several of these fields in your template, and place them wherever you need the template to plug the related information. 

Keep in mind that the type of record under which you create a Document using your Template of choice determines which Template Fields you should use.


If I want to create a Document under a Job record and want to see Address Line 1 of said Job appear, I would use the shortcode , which can be plugged by choosing Job Address Line 1.

If I then use this Template for a Contact, the spot where the shortcode was added will be empty; I would need to choose Contact Address Line 1 for it to pull the information.

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