What Are the Constraints With the Beacon PRO+ Integration?

Mobile App:

You can create Estimates and Material Orders using Beacon products from the Mobile App, but you cannot place an order directly to Beacon.


The integration with Beacon is a one-way sync.

Once the Material Order has been sent to Beacon, you can no longer remove, edit, or delete items from the order. Please contact your Beacon sales rep or log in to your Beacon PRO+ account to make these changes. If you need to add additional items to a Beacon order after it is placed, you may create a new Material Order.


Currently, the sales tax is input on the Beacon side. To account for this, navigate to a Contact or Job record and open the Financials tab. Then, select Add Budget and add a line item to which you will input the tax amount. This will ensure all costs are documented.

Budgets must be enabled within JobNimbus for this option to appear.


When syncing with Quickbooks Desktop, your product names must be less than 31 characters. This is due to the fact that Quickbooks Desktop limits the number of characters allowed in the product name field.

To account for this, Beacon material names have been automatically shortened to 31 characters or less with a ~X. If there are duplicate material names that are 31 characters, "~X" will be added to the end of the material name. The entire material name will be included in the description field of the product.

Material Orders do not sync to Quickbooks.