Tracking and Reporting

What Are the Different Types of Reports I Can Create in the Payments Portal?

Determine which report you should run to generate the results you want.

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Transactions Report

This report will give you a Summary of Sales, Refunds, and the Net funds processed.

Transaction Details

The Transaction Details Report is one that Merchants will want and need to use most often. This will provide breakdown of all transactions that took place within a selected time frame and include the following details:

  • Cardholder Name (if applicable)

  • Last 4 digits and brand of card (CC), or last 4 digits of bank account used (ACH)

  • Date the transaction was created

  • Type of transaction (Sale, eCheck Sale, Refund, eCheck Refund)

  • Status

  • Gross Amount (the amount you charge the customer)

  • Processing Fees

  • Net Amount of transactions (Gross amount - processing fees)

Payment Returns

This report will show any payments made via ACH/eCheck that have been returned due to insufficient funds, frozen funds, or another reason of potential risk.

Profit & Loss Statement

The Profit and Loss Report will most likely be used by Merchants who have a dedicated accounting team or person. This gives the Gross income, Expenses, and Net Income broken down into Transactions, Disputes, Fees, Refunds, and Revenue Share.

Balance Details

For information about your balance in the Merchant Account, please refer to the Account Balance box on your main dashboard.

You can export balance details during any given date for any/all of your Merchants on your account to see where your balance stands in terms of your income, expenses, and net.

Dispute Details

This report will show an overview of disputes that were initiated during the selected date range, as well as the reason for the dispute. 

Disbursement Summary

Disbursements are used to Credit or Debit the entity bank account to the Primary Account setup.

This report provides details on disbursements that have been processed on your account. You will see an overview of the disbursement ID and process date in addition to the total calculation of what composed the disbursement total.

Disbursement Txn Details

The transactions within a Disbursement determine what will be paid out or credited to an entity bank account. This report provides a break down of the Sales and Refunds within the last processed disbursement.


This report will generate all dispute-related actions (such as opened, closed, or won/lost disputes) that have occurred during the selected date range.

Dispute Ratios

This report provides the ratio of disputes to successful transactions a Merchant receives. The ratio is compared against industry guidelines to help determine if a Merchant’s dispute ratio is outside of acceptable practices.