Fees and Transactions

What Are the Fees Associated With JobNimbus Payments?

Navigate the different fees you can anticipate when using JobNimbus Payments.

Boarding Fee

One Time:


This will not be debited from your account; it will be taken out of the first disbursement to your account.

Credit/Debit Card Processing

Every Transaction:

3.2% + $0.29 

Per Occurrence:

Refund - $0.05

Void/Reverse Authorization - $0.05

ACH (eCheck) Processing

Every Transaction:

1% (up to $50.00)

Per Occurrence:

eCheck Refund - $0.15

eCheck Return (bounced check) - $2.50

Additional information on handling processing fees can be found in this article


Per Occurrence:

Retrieval - $15.00 

Chargeback - $15.00

Arbitration - $10.00

Additional information on disputes can be found in this article.