What are WePay's transaction fees?


⚠️ Effective May 1, 2024, customers will no longer have the option to process payments through WePay as the company will be discontinuing its services. ⚠️


If you would like to explore other options for payment processors, you can find more information in this article.

Credit / Debit Card

3.4% + $0.30 of the amount due (excluding the transaction fee)

Example scenario:

If the charge is $100 then the transaction fee would be $3.70 so the total would be $103.70 to the customer if the cost of the transaction fee is passed along to the customer or it would be $100 if the cost is absorbed by the JobNimbus customer instead of being passed along. In that case, the JobNimbus customer would just have $96.30 deposited into their account instead of the $100 that would be deposited if the transaction cost was passed on to the customer.

ACH / E-Check (direct transfer from customer's bank)

2% up to a maximum of $20 


  • $10 payment + 2% transaction fee = $10.20
  • $1,000 payment + $20 max fee = $1,020.00

Let's say we're talking about an invoice for $100 and the fee is $5:

  1. If the homeowner (customer) pays the fee, they will pay a total of $105. The full invoice payment ($100) is recorded in JobNimbus and applied to the invoice. Since the fee is paid to WePay, the $5 is not recorded in JobNimbus or QuickBooks if you have that integrated.
  2. If your company covers the fee, the full payment amount ($100) still comes into JobNimbus and is applied to the invoice. The invoice itself is an "agreement" between the company and the customer that the $100 payment has been paid; the invoice itself should be closed and the fee should not be reflected anywhere on the invoice. What ends up in your WePay/bank account is $95.
    1. To balance your accounting records ($100 reflected on invoice but only $95 coming into your bank account), you can run a period report (i.e. once a month) from WePay to see what your fees are for the month and enter those in as a single line item.