What can I do on a Contact's page in the Mobile App? (Android)

Learning to navigate a contact's page within the mobile app can save you time.

When viewing a contact's record, you can:

JN Android Contact page

  1. Manage the contact's details, including updating their name or any other information present.
  2. Update the contact's Status.
  3. Call the contact.
  4. Take a photo to associate with the contact.
  5. Get directions to the contact's address.
  6. Email the contact.
  7. Open the contact's menu.
    1. From here, you can add a Task, Job (if jobs are enabled), relate a contact, and add a Note.
    JN Android Contact quick menu
  8. View the contact's related Jobs (if you have jobs enabled).
  9. View the Photo Gallery. This will reveal all of the images that have been uploaded to the contact.