What does it mean to relate Contacts?

Use the "Related Contacts" field to connect multiple records to one another.

If you have Contacts that are somehow associated with one another, you can relate them to each other by using the Related Contacts field. When editing or adding a new Contact, type in the name of the Contact you want to relate and then select Save.

adding contact to related field

  • Once a record is related, it will be visible from the associated file's page.

example contact A related viewexample contact B related view

  • Under the Activity tab, you can check the box next to Related to view activity happening on any associated file. In the example below, you can see the email that was sent from Contact B's account under Contact A's activity feed.

contact A related activity tab view

  • You can even interact with a Contact's file right from its related record by clicking the three dots within the box as seen below.

deleting related contact from record


Note: Selecting "Delete (from Contact) will not delete the record entirely; it will simply unrelate the records from one another.