What does the Sales Pipeline show me?

Identify bottlenecks in your sales process by utilizing the Sales Pipeline Report on your Sales Dashboard.

The Sales Pipeline is not available on new JobNimbus accounts and is phasing out as we continue to make improvements to Insights.

In this report, a record will appear after it enters the Lead Stage.

Once a record moves from the Lead Stage to the Estimating Stage it will stop being counted as a Lead on this report and start being counted as being in the Estimating Stage. After it moves from Estimating to Sold, it stops being counted as Estimating and is counted in the Sold section. Once the job moves to the Production Stage, it will drop off from this report.

To customize your view, you can:

  • change the Type of visible records from Contact to Job (if you have Jobs enabled)
  • change from which Workflow the graph is pulling data