QuickBooks Desktop

What Fields Sync to QuickBooks Desktop?

Only the following listed fields sync back and forth between JobNimbus and QuickBooks:

QBD - Field Mapping - Job Field
QBD - Field Mapping - Vendor Field
QBD - Field Mapping - Estimate Field
QBD - Field Mapping - Invoice Field
QBD - Field Mapping - Credit Memo Field
QBD - Field Mapping - Product Field
QBD - Field Mapping - Tax Field
QBD - Field Mapping - Payment Field


 The "class" field now syncs on Contacts, Jobs, Estimates, and Invoices.

Sales reps can also be sent through the link if set up in the QuickBooks sync settings page of JobNimbus. It will assign Contacts, Jobs, Estimates, and Invoices to a sales rep.

Please reference the following article for more information: How do I Map Sales Reps in QuickBooks Desktop?

There is currently no plan to add any fields such as "Ship To Address" or "Notes" to the sync process. You may request these fields be added through JobNimbus Feedback so that they can be voted on and prioritized.


  • QuickBooks Desktop will auto-populate the first and last name into the top line of the address in the ‘Edit’ screen of the customer as you enter the first and last name. If it is  added automatically by QuickBooks, it will still import correctly into JobNimbus with the address line 1 showing as ‘address line 1’ in JobNimbus. If that name is manually typed into the top line of the address section, it can import into JobNimbus into the ‘address line 1’ field.
    QBD - Field Mapping - Auto populate name note 

  • Estimates and Invoices have an option to choose to sync in the "draft" Status or not.

  • Quickbooks Desktop does impose character limits to certain fields. Customer, job, and product names must be 31 characters or less (this does include spaces).

  • Job Costing does not sync. This includes Work Orders (purchase orders), Material Orders, and Budgets. Vendor bills also will not sync.