Contact Records

What Information Can I See Under a Contact’s “Activity” Tab?

A Contact's activity is similar to a news feed, where you can keep track of communications and changes that have been made, as well as see which Team Member has been involved.

  • Emails
    • Records of emails that have been sent from JobNimbus to your Contacts and the emails they reply to.

  • Text Messages*
    • Records of text messages that have been sent from Engage to your Contacts and the texts they reply to. *Engage plan required
  • Notes

    • Every note you or your team make pertaining to the Contact.

  • Automated Actions

    • Whenever an Automation is triggered, the action is recorded under the associated Contact’s file. To view these, select "All" or "System Activity" from the dropdown menu located at the top of the feed.

        activity feed sort menu

  • Related Contact Activity

    • This type of activity is directly associated with another contact, but can also be seen from the same feed. You can uncheck the box next to the word "Related"at the top right corner of the feed if you do not want the related activity to appear.

      activity tab related box checkedScreenshot 2023-05-24 at 2.09.38 PM
  • When and how
    • You will see a timestamp of when the activity was posted and the name of the Team Member who executed the action. Automated events will say "Automation".

      Screenshot 2023-05-24 at 2.11.23 PM