What Is SumoQuote?

SumoQuote helps take your estimate and proposal designs to the next level; easily build custom quotes in just minutes that will be sure to impress your customers.

With SumoQuote, your proposals instantly become winning sales presentation tools. When your quotes are this beautiful, well thought out, and professional, your competition doesn’t stand a chance. Using the SumoQuote integration, you can create a Contact in JobNimbus and have it automatically show up in your SumoQuote account. 

As you create a quote, email, and follow-up task within SumoQuote, everything shows up in JobNimbus. This integration can make your sales process smooth, professional, and easy.

This strategic relationship will allow thousands of contractors to complete actions in SumoQuote that instantly saves back to JobNimbus, making workloads easier and sales teams more efficient.

To learn more about SumoQuote, visit their website.