What is the Deals Leaderboard - Sold report reflecting?

This report allows managers and owners to see the number of deals their Sales Reps are closing.

The Deals Leaderboard - Sold uses the date that a Contact or Job reaches the Sold Stage. This report tracks the number of Contacts or Jobs in the Sold, In Production, and Accounts Receivable Stages for each Sales Rep. 

Sales Dashboard - Deals Leaderboard

To customize the graph, you can:

  • change the location (if you have multiple company locations in your account) to which the visible records are assigned
  • change the type of data being pulled to either Contacts or Jobs (if you have Jobs enabled)
  • view data of either the Total of all Estimates or the Most Recent Approved Estimates
  • select the Workflow(s) of the records from which the graph pulls data
  • choose which Sales Reps appear
  • change the date range during which these records were sold