What is Xactimate and XactAnalysis?

Xactimate, a product by Xactware, is the insurance industry's #1 estimating solution for insurance repair. Xactimate estimates the cost of repairs and reconstruction for residential and small commercial structures. Xactimate allows you to sketch out the floor plan of the house that has been damaged and provides to you the cost to repair and replace that damaged portion.

XactAnaylsis allows claims to flow through its network to help claims professionals catch errors, report on progress, and benchmark performance.

The integration with JobNimbus works through Xactanalysis assignments to import Xactimate claims into your account. 

Once a claim is in a complete status in Xactimate, it flows through XactAnaylsis and then can be requested in JobNimbus. Depending on the XactAnaylsis address used, this can be performed at the company level or for the individual user. The Xactimate claim will then display in the document section of the Contact or Job.