When Will My Money Be Deposited into My Bank (JobNimbus Payments)?

A Transfer to Your Bank Will Be Initiated Every Night There Is Money Sitting in the Processing Account


🎉 Exciting News! 🎉

You asked, and we listened. Next day funding is now available for all JobNimbus Payments accounts! 


  • To qualify for next day funding, transactions must be submitted by 9:30 PM EST.
    • Transactions submitted by the cut off time will be disbursed at 10:30 AM  EST the following business day. 
    • Transactions submitted after the 9:30 PM EST deadline will not qualify for next day funding and will need an additional day for processing. Refer to the table below for more details.
  • The funding limit for Next Day Funding is $100,000.
    • Transactions exceeding $100,000 will be processed in the funding timeline of the following day.

Processing Time

The processing time refers to the duration between receiving the initial payment and when the funds are deposited into your bank account. With JobNimbus Payments, all accounts now qualify for next day funding, ensuring that funds are accessible the following business day. While most transactions are swift, some factors may cause a slight delay in the disbursement of funds to your bank account.

What can cause a disbursement to take longer?
Upon disbursement, funds availability is subject to your bank's processing time

Cause Definition Additional Time
First Disbursement The first time you have received money from taking payments with JNP 1 - 3 Business Days
Holidays Any federal holiday 1 - 3 Business Days
Large Transaction $20k+ Transaction size 1 - 3 Business Days
Payment made late in the day Next day funding cut off is 9:30 PM EST.  1  Business Day 
Transactions 3x higher than normal The average transaction amount for your business will determine what is considered normal 1-3 Business Days
Funds over $100K next day funding limit Amounts up to $100,000 are eligible for next day funding, while any excess will be processed on the following funding day 1  Business Day


⚠️ If your transactions are unusually high or surpass your typical amounts, you may be required to provide additional documentation. Rest assured, a dedicated member of our Payments Support Team will contact you to assist you through this process.


Note: These timeframe ranges for money to be withdrawn from your customer’s account is dependent upon your customer’s bank. Additionally, the timeframe for money to be deposited into your bank is dependent upon your bank

JobNimbus Payments cannot accelerate or hasten the process on either of the bank's side.