Fees and Transactions

Why Am I Getting a Credit Card Rate Increase for JobNimbus Payments?

JobNimbus is committed to do our best to have a competitive rate in the market, and avoid rate increases as much as possible.

In the world of payments, card brands (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express) analyze the cost of processing a payment twice a year in April and October. In some instances, these analyses result in an increase in the transaction processing cost. We at JobNimbus try to avoid as many increases to your processing rate as often as possible; however, depending upon the economic climate and size of increase by card brands, we may need to raise your processing rates from time to time.

While we may increase rates by a small amount, we’ll avoid doing it unless absolutely necessary to keep your processing costs as low as possible. We’ll also be sure to communicate the increase in cost 30 calendar days before the effective date. 

In Summary: 

  • While JobNimbus may need to raise processing rates occasionally, we’ll avoid it as frequently as possible. 
  • You’ll be notified 30 calendar days before a processing rate increase goes into effect.
  • Any changes to your processing rate will occur between 11 p.m. and midnight of the day before the effective date.