Why Can’t I Move a Card From One List to Another?

If you receive an error within a Board when trying to drag a Card and drop it into another List, review these helpful tips.

  1. Check to make sure the Status you are trying to change the record to does not belong to a different Workflow type. Records cannot be moved from one Workflow to another.

    Board - Card not moving into List
    1. By editing the Board, you can adjust what Workflows and Statuses appear within your Lists. Notice the Status column and how it is configured.
      1. For example, if you have assigned "Residential Retail - Lead" to that List, only records within the Residential Retail Workflow will be able to move over.
    2. If a Status name appears in more than one Workflow, you can assign a List to "All Workflows - [Status name]" to allow records of any Workflow to appear once they are assigned to that Status.
      1. Keep in mind that the name of the Status must be identical across all Workflow types for this to work.
  2. If you have Advanced Workflows enabled, make sure that you have access to update the Status.
    1. When editing a Workflow, check the Access Profile column next to the Status to ensure you have the permissions to send the record to that specific Status.