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Why Isn’t My Product or Service Populating in the Line Item When Creating an Estimate?

This article contains a few troubleshooting suggestions if an item is not populating when creating a financial document.

Location-based Products

  • Check to see if you have Location-based Products enabled
    (hint: it will not be visible under the "Features" tab in your Settings if it is turned on)
  • If it is, review the location you have assigned to the item that is not populating through the Products & Services tab in your settings.
p&s location based products TS
  • Compare this location with the one assigned to the parent record under which you are trying to create the financial document

contact location selection location based products TS

  • If these locations do not match, you will need to duplicate the item in your Products & Services and assign it to the appropriate location for it to be a selectable option under the parent record. 

Hidden Products

  • In your Products & Services settings, check the "Visible" column next to the item in question.

  • If a product is hidden, it will not appear as a selectable option when adding a line item. Simply click the 3 dots on the right-hand side and choose "unhide" from the menu to make it visible again.