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Workflows will help your Boards portray your Statuses correctly. Your Boards depend on your Workflow Type. In order for your Boards to show your Contacts and Jobs correctly, spend some time determining your Contact and Job Workflow. Your Workflow includes the steps and Statuses that move a lead toward becoming your customer or a new job toward completion and final billing.

Questions You Should Ask

To help determine your process and what your workflow might look like, here are some helpful questions to ask:

  • How does a lead move through your sales process?
  • When does a lead become a customer?
  • What's the process to turn a customer into a job?
  • What steps do you need to track in your production process?
  • How do you close a job when it is finished? 

Example Workflow

Here's an example of what a workflow might look like. Your workflow will most likely be different than this but the following can help give you an idea of the types of steps, statuses, and stages you may want to track in your workflow:

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