Zapier: Sending a Text Message to a Number Through Status


Get a text message notification when a job or contact moves to a certain status. Include pertinent information like the contact phone number or a custom field in your text along with a pre-set custom text. The phone number you enter to receive the text could be anyone, a team member, an admin or a sub-contractor. 

To get started, make sure you have a Zapier account setup, first read about our Zapier integration here. There is a special link in the article that will allow you to use JobNimbus.

Scope of Support:

We are thrilled you are choosing to use one of our integrations! We are limited with what we can walk you through within our scope of support as Zapier along with our other integrations are the experts on their software and any questions about it.

 Getting Started:

 1) Log in to your Zapier account and select Zaps, search for JobNimbus in the Home area.





2) Select your trigger. For this tutorial either a contact or a job.


3) This step connects Zapier to a particular JobNimbus account. There will be a popup for an API key, and you will need to copy it.



 4) Carefully choose the condition of what must be met for the "Zap" to execute.

 5) After each change to a rule, Zapier will allow you the option to test it, as it is linked to your JobNimbus account.


6) Become familiar with the orange and white icons. The phone icon for SMS and the filter icon for choosing the fields (name, city, number, record type name) in your records (contact/job). Select the filter to choose the workflow type and the status. 



 7) Remember record name type is the name of the workflow. Manually type them in exactly in Zapier.




Zapier: Be very mindful of what exactly is in the first box. Look at the list that the filter pulls up carefully. In this example "Status Name" is the exact field we want. If we were to use, "Status" the zap would not work.


 8) Select the action you want Zapier to do, select SMS.


9) If you put your phone number here, it will be easy to type in the code that is sent to you. However, if you are putting in someone else's number, you will need to notify them to inform you of their code.


 10) The "from" number is the number that the text message appears from.



11) The message is the actual verbiage of the text. Which you can further customize by utilizing the two icons to the right in the below screenshot. The dropdown lists all the information fields of the record like name phone number status etc... This way the text will have the data you need. For example, if the job's status changed you can add in the job name, the parent contact name. All the pertinent information you need. 





12) Once you have setup your text message how you want, you can test it out by going to a contact in the exact workflow and modifying the status that will trigger Zapier to send the text to the mobile device.



13) A sample of what the text will look like on the mobile device for each job that was tested out. The message may need an extra space in Zapier to appear better, but it illustrates what will show on the phone.




Contact Information for Zapier

Zapier has chosen to only have email support. It also has an online knowledge base which can be found here:


Email support:

Knowledge Base article on common Zap problems:


Knowledge Base article on SMS: 



If your test did not work. Try re-creating the zap. Also, create it and test if it works by completing the whole zap and going through your JobNimbus account changing the status. Sometimes it will say the zap will not work but does indeed work.


If you want to create multiple zaps with multiple numbers you will need to verify more numbers.Click "Connect an Account" for this.