How Do I Add a Subcontractor?

Communicate with partners by using Subcontractor Workflows, which enable special privileges outside of your regular Contact relations.

Enable Subcontractors by going to your Settings Features and toggling the switch next to Subcontractor.

enable subcontractor in features tab

  • Navigate to the Contact Workflows tab.
  • By default, the statuses in the Subcontractor-specific Workflow are "Active" and "Inactive". Click the three dots on the right to edit the Workflow.

    v2 subcontractor workflow edit

  • Here, make sure the box next to "Check this box if all contacts for this workflow are subcontractors" is checked. Click Update after making any changes you need to, including if you want to add a status. 

    v2 sub workflow check box update

  • To create a Subcontractor, select the blue + at the top of your page and choose "Add Contact".

    v2 add contact plus sign

  • Fill out your Subcontractor's details and change the Contact Type to "Subcontractor". Hit the blue Save button when you're done.
    • Learn more about adding Contacts here.

v2 add subcontractor edit page-1

  • Once you have a Subcontractor in your account, you can assign it to an existing Contact or Job by searching in the Subcontractors field.
    • Tip: you can add multiple Subcontractors to a single Contact or Job.

    v2 add sub to contact


Check out our article about Subcontractor's notification preferences for information on how to communicate with them.