How do I add or edit a Board?

Similar to a whiteboard in your office, the Boards feature allows you to visually manage your Contacts, Jobs, and Work Orders.

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To access your Boards:

  • Navigate to a Contact or Job
  • Toggle the view to Board

toggle to board view

Add a new board by selecting the grey rectangle with the sign.

add new board

BoardsV2 - Add Board

1. Name your Board something relevant to the types of Contacts/Jobs that will be showing up under the Lists within.

2. Color the Board for sorting and aesthetic purposes.

3. Determine to whom you want this Board to be available. You can choose to make it visible to All Team Members or Just Me. If "Just Me" is selected, no other member of your team will be able to view the Board.

If you have the Groups feature enabled, you will also have the option to allow only specific Groups to see the Board. Learn more about this here.

4. Choose your Board's type. (This will only be available on a Contact Board if you have Work Orders enabled).

5. Filter your Board with the following options. You can learn more about how to filter Boards in this article.

board filter menu

6. Customize the title of the Cards that appear within each List. You can create your own or choose from Contact-specific fields, including custom fields, as well as financial totals.

7. Customize the body of the Cards that appear within each List. Add up to three lines of information for easy viewing. Similar to the title, you can utilize fields, text, and financial totals to display the details you want.

8. Add a List to the Board. Learn about Cards and Lists here.

9. Save your Board after making any changes.


To edit a Board: select the 3 dots in the top right corner of the Board and select "Edit". You can also entirely delete Boards this way.

three dots edit board