Products and Services

How Do I Add Products & Services to JobNimbus?

To get started, head over to your Settings > Products & Services tab.

  • Click on the +Add product or service button

Financials - Products Services

This will pull up the "Add Product" window.

Financials - Products Services New

Here, you can:

  1. Name your product or service.
  2. Give your product or service a description.
  3. Choose the appropriate unit of measurement. To create a new unit, type in the drop-down menu and hit enter.
  4. Enter a cost. This is the amount your product or service costs your company.
  5. Enter a price. This is the amount your customer will pay for the product or service.
  6. Choose if your product or service needs a variation. This can be a variation in cost, price, and unit type.
  7. Save the product or service.

Once you click Save, the product or service will be added to your list in alphabetical order. You can use the filter drop-down to view all of your products, only those that are visible, or products that are hidden. Use the search bar to locate any item in the list.

Financials - Products Services Search

Products & Services cannot be deleted; you will need to "hide" them if you no longer want them to be used. 

If you need to duplicate a product or service for any reason, click on the 3 dots to the right of the item and select "Duplicate" from the action menu.

Financials - Products & Services Duplicate

Note: only team members who have access to Settings will be able to create or manage the Products & Services on your account.


  • Can I create a Custom Report for my Products and Services?
    • No, these items cannot be pulled into a report.
  • Can I manage my Products and Services in bulk?
    • At this time, there is not a way to bulk-edit or import/export Products and Services. If this is a feature you'd like to see in a future update, let us know by adding your vote through our feedback page!
  • Can I import Products and Services through QuickBooks Online?
    • Yes, if you have an active QuickBooks Online account integrated by a two-way sync, you can import a list of Products into your QBO account, which you can then access from JobNimbus. Check out this Knowledge Base article for steps on how to do so.
  • What about importing through QuickBooks Desktop?
    • While you cannot import a list of Products into your QBD account the way you can with a QBO account, you can copy a large list from a file and "paste" it into QBD, which will then allow you to sync the items to JobNimbus. The integration must be set up as a two-way sync. See QuickBooks' Knowledge Base article for more information.