How Do I Create an Automation To Assign a Task Based on a Status Update?

This Event-based Automation will create and assign a Task to a team member after a Job or Contact enters a certain Status.


  1. Choose the "Event based" trigger type
  2. Select the "Job" or "Contact" trigger record
  3. Choose when the record type is "Created or Modified"
  4. Select +Add Condition
    1. If Status is "[Select appropriate status]"
  5. Check the box next to "Only if Status is modified"
  6. Check the radio for "Require all conditions to be true"
  7. Select +Add Action
  8. Choose the "Create Task" Action
  9. Create your Task and choose the assignees, then click "Save"
  10. Save the Automation when you are finished

    Automations Event - Recipe 02 Action


Keep the box next to "Maintain related contacts and jobs" checked to ensure the Task being created associates itself with the Triggering Record.