Automation Recipes

How Do I Create an Automation To Send an Email at a Specific Time?

This Time-based Automation will send an email to your chosen recipient(s) at a later, specific time.

Prior to creating this Automation, make an Email Template that will be sent out as the Action.


    1. Choose the "Time based" trigger type
    2. Select the "Contact" trigger record
    3. Run this automation: "X " (Where X is the amount of time in Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, or Years) "After" "Date Status Changed"
    4. Check the "At" checkbox and choose a time. For example, "8:30 AM"
    5. Select +Add Condition
      1. If "Type" is "Residential Retail" (Workflow Types vary depending on your settings)
    6. Select +Add Condition again
      1. If "Status" is "Appointment Scheduled" (Status names may vary depending on your Workflow)
    7. Check the radio for "Require all conditions to be true"
    8. Select +Add Action
    9. Choose the "Send Email" Action
    10. Select the appropriate Email Template from the drop-down menu, add your recipients, and then Save
    11. Save the Automation when you are finished

    The chosen recipients, such as the Primary Contact and/or their Related Contacts, must have a valid email address for emails to be successfully sent out via Automation.


    Easily add an Action to any Automation to include a text message with Engage. Follow these instructions to create Engage Text Automations.