How do I get notified that a Document has been signed?

When a Document has been fully signed by all required signers, those individuals will automatically receive a confirmation email indicating that the file is ready to be downloaded. 

To notify additional parties (such as a manager or team lead) of a fully signed Document, you will need to create an Event-based Automation. Keep in mind that you must have access to the account settings in order to set up Automations.

  • Trigger type = Event based
  • Event = "When a Activity is Created"
  • Condition = "If Note contains (any) 'fully signed'"
    • You will need to manually type the words "fully signed" into the field and press enter on your keyboard to save it, as demonstrated below.

  • Select "Require all conditions to be true"
  • Add an action for what you would like to happen once a Document is fully signed. Remember, you can have multiple actions triggered in a single Automation.
  • Select +Save

doc fully signed automation