How Do I Manage My JobNimbus Subscription?

Learn how to make changes to your JobNimbus Subscription.

Note: those assigned to an Access Profile with "Subscription" permissions will be able to view and make changes to the JobNimbus Subscription details. 

For security purposes, we suggest granting this access to only the trusted team members who will be dealing with your account billing. 

In the Subscription page of your JobNimbus account, click the Manage Subscription button in the top right corner.

Screenshot 2022-10-27 at 1.06.34 PMA window will appear, giving you the opportunity to:

  • Change the CRM plan to which you subscribe.
    • If you choose to downgrade (i.e. go from "Established" to "Growing") at any point, no credits or refunds will be issued.
    • Changes made to your plan will not go into affect until the next billing cycle.
  • Purchase an Engage plan.
    • You can compare the different available options within this pop-up.
  • Select the roles you want included on your subscription.
    • You cannot mix and match the types of role access levels (Core vs. Pro).
      • For example, you can't have Sales Pro and Field Core roles; they both must either be Pro OR  Core.
  • Add or remove the number of seats per role you pay for.
    • If you choose to remove seats from a role at any point, no credits or refunds will be issued.
    • You must purchase a seat for each individual you intend on assigning the role to. 
    • When you deactivate a team member, you will continue to pay for the now-open seat unless you remove it from your Subscription or assign it to another user.
  • Configure your payment information.
  • Choose between a monthly or annual billing term.
    • Committing to an annual term includes a 10% discount.
    • If you switch from one term to the other, changes will not go into affect until the next billing cycle
  • Why was I charged immediately when I added something to my Subscription?
    • Any time you add a feature to your Subscription (such as another role or an Engage package) that exceeds the amount you are currently paying, you will be responsible for the prorated amount at the time of purchase. 
    • Your next monthly or annual invoice will reflect the total charges of all included features moving forward.
  • Can I mix and match the levels of the roles I purchase for my users?
    • While you can assign multiple roles to a single user, you cannot mix and match between "Pro" and "Core" levels.
  • How do I adjust the number of seats I pay for per role?
    • Simply add or reduce the number listed next to the "[type] seats" section within the role you are managing, then click Confirm, as demonstrated below.

  • How will a team member's assigned role affect their Access Profile permissions?
    • Access Profile permissions allow you to further configure the level of accessibility a team member has to the features included in their assigned role.
      • For example, because Estimates are included in the "Sales" role, a team member assigned to that role will have the ability to interact with the feature up to the level you have configured in their assigned Access Profile settings.