How do I separate materials from labor?

With JobNimbus, it's easy to track both your material and labor costs.

Material & Labor Tracking allows you to add both the material and labor costs and prices as a single product in your Products & Services. After the feature is enabled, you can choose Material & Labor as an item type when creating a product or service.

⚠️Before you enable this feature, please read this section to ensure it is one that you need as you cannot disable the feature after enabling it.⚠️

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To enable Material & Labor Tracking:

  • Go to your Settings > Products & Services
  • Check the box next to "Enable Material & Labor Tracking"

Financials - Products Services Labor Tracking

Products & Services Material and Labor Item Type


Changing the product to the Material & Labor item type will update the "Add Product" window so that you can add the two costs to the same product.

Financials - Products Services Material Labor


Enabling the Material & Labor Tracking also updates the Estimate, Invoice, Credit Memo, and Work Order Builders so you can include the material and labor costs and price in your financial documents.

Financials - Estimate Material Labor

In the totals section, you can also track the total for both Materials and Labor.
Financials - Material Labor Totals