How Do I Upgrade the Roles of My Team Members?

If you need to grant additional access to specific users, follow these steps to upgrade their roles.

In order to make changes to Role seats, users need to have Admin privileges with Subscription access.

  • To Manage Subscription:

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    • Go to your Team settings by clicking on the user icon at the top right corner. From there you will choose "Manage roles" located in the upper right-hand corner of the page. The subscription management window will automatically open for you.


    • Click on the user icon in the upper right-hand corner and choose Subscription from the list. Once there, select "Manage Subscription" to make changes to the role seats on your subscription.

  • Assign an additional seat to the role that you wish to upgrade for your user, then click on confirm to finalize the changes made.

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  • Once there are available seats for the role, the number of open seats will be updated on the Teams page. You can then assign your team member to that role.

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  • To upgrade a user's role, simply edit the user profile by clicking on the three dots menu to the far right of their name in the Team settings.
  • Check the option for the Role that best fits the responsibility of the user for your company and save your changes. 

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  • Any time you add a new role to your subscription that exceeds the amount you are currently paying, you will be responsible for the prorated amount at the time of purchase. 
  • Your next monthly or annual invoice will reflect the total charges of all included features moving forward. 
  • Access profile permissions allow you to further configure the level of accessibility a team member has to the features included in their assigned role.